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Are trade wars the new normal?

The trade winds that fueled globalization, economic growth and job creation for over a generation have dramatically shifted. For decades countries with few exceptions knocked down trade barriers, pursued deregulation and privatization policies across key industries and generally embraced economic integration and trade liberalization. Building on this success, nations, international institutions and businesses continued

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The World Trade Organization’s Fork in the Road Moment

The surprise announcement in May that WTO Director General Roberto Azevedo would step down at the end of August – one year ahead of schedule – was yet another blow to an organization that has had a string of challenges in recent years. For countries and businesses alike, a functioning and stable WTO is a must

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COVID19 impact on global trade

The Pandemic 2020 began as a hopeful year for global trade. Large bilateral trade negotiations such as the successor pact to NAFTA were complete, a massive multi-country agreement was in place that deepened trade throughout the Asia-Pacific and Brexit was finally sorting itself out after months of uncertainty.  Yet, in an instant, COVID-19 changed

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Adam Taylor to author The Trade Letter

The Trade Letter is coming soon to your inbox. The Canadian Freedom Institute announced today that Adam Taylor will be joining CFI to author a weekly newsletter of free and fair trade. International markets have been disrupted by the global pandemic and many are wondering how politics, protectionism, onshoring, and supply chain considerations will

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How does CFI launch content further?

Think tanks suffer from one big problem. Yes, they have some of the brightest policy minds in the world coming up with solutions for some of the greatest challenges of our time, however, what good are world-class policy papers if nobody reads them. As with most organizations in the knowledge sector, think tanks have

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China brings the hammer down on Hong Kong

It didn’t take long for the new national security law, which was passed by China on June 30, to be enacted for arrests of more than 300 protesters in Hong Kong. Minutes after it was official, several pro-democracy activists quit. It came into effect 23 years after Hong Kong returned to China, as the Communist party kicks off its 100th year.

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