Think tanks suffer from one big problem. Yes, they have some of the brightest policy minds in the world coming up with solutions for some of the greatest challenges of our time, however, what good are world-class policy papers if nobody reads them.

As with most organizations in the knowledge sector, think tanks have been slow to adapt to the changing ways in which people get their information. Their studies may offer fresh ideas to address emerging issues, yet are often found collecting dust on shelves.

The Canadian Freedom Institute has a charitable mandate to not only produce the ideas that will shape our world, but to propel these ideas into the public consciousness at the same time. We are part think tank and part PR shop for the best ideas that move Canada forward. We use viral media and the modern tools of digital advocacy to move our ideas to more people. Ideas should always be accessible. We make ideas sharable and their authors subscribable.

Our focus at CFI is free markets, the changing perceptions of capitalism, and the championing of the entrepreneurial spirit. We apply this focus in our dissemination of these principles to new audiences. We popularize public policy.

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