The Trade Letter is coming soon to your inbox. The Canadian Freedom Institute announced today that Adam Taylor will be joining CFI to author a weekly newsletter of free and fair trade. International markets have been disrupted by the global pandemic and many are wondering how politics, protectionism, onshoring, and supply chain considerations will affect and amend global trade.

Adam Taylor was former Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper’s senior policy advisor on international trade at Canada’s foreign ministry and brings over a decade of public policy experience to his new role at the Canadian Freedom Institute. Taylor was at the table on behalf of Canada during that country’s most significant historical period of bilateral expansion of international trade.

The Trade Letter will focus on both the politics of internation trade, tracking changes at multilateral bodies such as the World Trade Organization, and among bilateral trading partners. Taylor will investigate emerging proposals for mini-multilateralism via proposals such as CANZUK and other proposed trading arrangments.

Modeling growth

The Canadian Freedom Institute is launching The Trade Letter after the success of The China Letter which will soon reach over 20,000 email subscribers. CFI’s approach is based on metrics and accountability for its donors. As a public policy accelerator, CFI builds successful methods for putting public policy research in the hands of more people. The success of those methods is based upon key performance indicators such as impressions, clicks, subscribers and followers. CFI fine tunes what works to grow its reach and applies these methods as a model to grow new products in new research categories. The Trade Letter will benefit from lessons learned and optimizations we’ve realized in building The China Letter.

Trade is an integral concern when speaking about China, so the continued success of The China Letter will help fuel growth of related policy verticals such as trade.

“Adam Taylor is an expert on international trade and the wealth of his knowledge will benefit generations of free traders to come” – Stephen Taylor, President of the Canadian Freedom Institute