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What to watch for in trade at summer’s end

As summer begins to fade, back to school shopping ramps up and the feared second wave of COVID-19 lingers like an unwanted house guest, the world of international trade is contributing to the very thing businesses, investors and trader loathe: uncertainty. Here are three watch items fueling the unpredictability. Biden versus Trump With Donald Trump

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Trump and Biden on trade

Every 4 years, Presidential nomination conventions become the ‘Super Bowl in August’ for political junkies. And despite the COVID-19 restrictions, people are getting their fix with the Democratic Convention this week which officially nominated Joe Biden and the Republican convention next week which will officially nominate Donald Trump. How does each differ on international

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The politics of protectionism

He’s done it again. The ink was dry on the “new NAFTA” barely a month before Donald Trump once again slapped tariffs on Canadian aluminum exports to the United States. The Trump administration had first imposed steel and aluminum tariffs on Canada, Mexico, and the European Union in 2018, yet lifted those on Canada and

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3 key post-pandemic roles for international trade

Around the world as economies are slowly re-opening and hope for a vaccine rivals the hope that the second wave doesn’t once again swamp the global economy, policy-makers, businesses and people in general are already planning for the future. For trade-reliant businesses and industries, a key question is what global trade will look like

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