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What to watch in global trade this fall

It appears that COVID-19’s feared second wave is now crashing onto our shores which will once again stall economic recovery efforts worldwide. Nevertheless, trade of essentials will continue and countries will do their best to remain as open as possible. As we get fully into the fall season, here are three items to watch

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China’s trading future?

Twenty years ago the hopes for China’s future were high in the West. Many thought China joining the World Trade Organization (it officially joined in 2001) would usher in a wave of economic, political and social reforms – true to how so many other countries had first secured economic security before people pressed for

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3 ways trade can jumpstart the recovery

The World Trade Organization is once again warning that the outlook for global trade remains bleak. While there are small signs that recovery may be starting to take root, a new report from the global trade body says that uncertainty all around may create an “L-shaped recovery” which is defined as a recovery that features stagnant

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