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A big week for global trade

As the second wave of COVID-19 rages, once again straining large segments of national economies worldwide, a variety of issues affecting global trade are taking place. Here are three we’re closely watching this week – all of which will affect global trade in both the short and long term. Drama at the WTO It

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An introduction to Popular Capitalism

Our goal here is to proudly defend the strengths of capitalism, showing why the free market works in our best interests, and can still be harnessed to do even more, and above all discuss the concept of Popular Capitalism. Our intention isn’t to teach Economics 101, but to explore popular capitalism while charting a

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Brexit and trade: latest updates

The long and winding road to Brexit and beyond continues. Media and government sources are reporting that talks between the UK and the European Union are resuming and optimists believe a trade deal may be within reach. Outstanding issues remain on a variety of sensitive topics including fisheries, dispute resolution and market access. Many note the

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Will the Rust Belt deliver for Trump?

Over the weekend Donald Trump warned that “If Biden wins, China wins.” Trump made the remarks in Freeland, Michigan, a state he narrowly won four years ago and must win again if he is to hold onto the White House. As part of his closing arguments, Donald Trump hopes to drive a clear and

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What the WTO needs

It’s now down to two women in the race to become the next head of the World Trade Organization.  Nigeria’s Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala and South Korea’s Yoo Myung-hee are the final two which means a woman will lead the organization for the first time in its 25 year history. While this is an historic achievement in and

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The China Letter subscriber total reaches 20,000

The Canadian Freedom Insitute is pleased to announce that our newsletter on China has reached 20,000 subscribers. The China Letter is a weekly email newsletter that was started in January 2020 as the Coronavirus pandemic was peaking in China prior to it gaining significant foothold in Europe and North America. The China Letter's growth

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Trump’s trade plan is locked in

Earlier in the week the Trump administration signaled it would appeal a WTO decision that sided with Canada on a bilateral lumber dispute that has gone on for years. The main issue is an accusation by the U.S. that Canada unfairly subsidizes its industry which hurts American lumber producers. After looking into the matter,

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