The Canadian Freedom Insitute is pleased to announce that our newsletter on China has reached 20,000 subscribers. The China Letter is a weekly email newsletter that was started in January 2020 as the Coronavirus pandemic was peaking in China prior to it gaining significant foothold in Europe and North America.

The China Letter’s growth has been driven by the intense refocusing on China and its place in the world, not only on health and pandemic preparedness but also by the country’s interference in the rules based international order. The Chinese government has been aggressive in asserting its influence in geopolitical affairs from sovereignty in the South China Sea, to its ambitious and sometimes brutal establishment of an international trade network via its Belt and Road initiative.

“We’re pleased to announce that effective social media advertising and an intense focus on China’s activities by the international community has resulted in tremendous growth of The China Letter” – Stephen Taylor, President of the Canadian Freedom Institute

The Canadian Freedom Institute’s focus on China highlights our growing concern about the emergence of China’s technological sector and the surveillance questions that arise as national security issues, whether in the establishment of Huawei in embedded systems in our telecommunications network or in the social media products such as TikTok and WeChat used by young people outside of China.

Human Rights

China’s continued abuses with respect to human rights is another focal point of interest at the Canadian Freedom Insititute and The China Letter. China’s detention of its Muslim religious minority in Xinjiang province, and its dominance of Tibet are issues that CFI will continue to highlight through its research and publications.

The Canadian Freedom Institute wishes for a peaceful partnership between the people of China and the rest of the global community. Our research is done to highlight the abuses of the current regime in China so that one day, through reform, democratic elections, and reconciliation, the Chinese people may enjoy the freedom, prosperity, and representation to which they are entitled.

Thank you to our donors

The China Letter has benefitted through the generous donors of the Canadian Freedom Institute. Our fundraising seeded initial growth for the newsletter in order for it to expand to more audiences on a shorter timeline. Continued donations to CFI will be put toward paying writers to track China’s path in The China Letter and will be put toward expanding the newsletter’s subscriber base even further through targeted lead generation advertising on social media platforms.