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Will the world finally get its act together on international trade?

The OECD reported earlier this week that merchandise trade grew significantly in the third quarter of 2020, as global exports and imports rose 21.6% and 18.1% respectively. The bounce was especially big in North America. In Canada, they were up by 31.1% and 32.3%, respectively; in the US by 23.6% and 18.5%; and in Mexico by

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Joe Biden and Global Trade

Here are a few issues we’re tracking as we look at what to expect now that there’s a projected change in the occupancy of the White House. No more arbitrary tariff and related threats? From Canada to Europe to China, many believe that a Joe Biden presidency means we’ve seen the last of tariffs

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Two dirty words here to stay: Trade Deficit

The U.S. Census Bureau and the U.S. Bureau of Economic Analysis announced earlier this week that that America’s goods and services deficit was $63.9 billion in September, down $3.2 billion from $67.0 billion in August. For simplicity, any country’s trade deficit is a measurement of the difference in value between its exports and imports. If

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Fraser Macdonald launches The Money, a newsletter about capitalism

The world needs a better foundation in the benefits of capitalism. Indeed, the principles of the capitalist economic system have been degraded by many in recent years as the world has grappled to make open markets and globalization work. Those in North America have seen reduced opportunity in manufacturing and traditional blue collar sectors

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Popular Capitalism: What this means for shareholders

One of the pillars of the popular capitalist model is wider ownership of equity capital. The more people that have a stake in society’s economic growth, the better. Likewise, the more people that believe they will have an opportunity to create wealth in a capitalist society, the better off we all will be. We’ll

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