The world needs a better foundation in the benefits of capitalism. Indeed, the principles of the capitalist economic system have been degraded by many in recent years as the world has grappled to make open markets and globalization work. Those in North America have seen reduced opportunity in manufacturing and traditional blue collar sectors as cheaper labour has been sourced overseas.

Yet it is still the model of capitalism that has brought more people out of poverty than any other force in human history and it is one that is well-worth preserving and enhancing.Fraser Macdonald is no stranger to the forces of global capital and transnational economic planning.

Working in legal and corporate affairs for several law firms in London, Brisbane, and Toronto, Macdonald brings his unique experience to provide commentary on capitalism’s next phase to the Canadian Freedom Institute.

“As the world recovers from the COVID-19 pandemic, it’s important we choose a recovery rooted in free markets and capitalism. But it must be an inclusive capitalism that works for everyone, not just those with government connections. If we want people to believe in the capitalist model, we need to ensure it works for them.” – Fraser Macdonald, Fellow at the Canadian Freedom Institute

We must approach capitalism from the viewpoint of continuous improvement and adaptation to best suit our current challenges. More and more are becoming disheartened with economic management because they’ve seen the distortion of the capitalism model into one of crony corporatism and ‘too-big-to-compete’ protectionism via state collusion. Indeed, this isn’t capitalism and it’s time to restore confidence in it.

Macdonald will do so as a Fellow of the Canadian Freedom Institute for Capitalism policy. His job will be no small feat. In the Popular Capitalism newsletter, Macdonald will advocate for an economic system that encourages wealth creation for all.