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3 reasons to be optimistic about global trade

While it’s of no surprise that the global pandemic has slowed the flow of global trade, there remain reasons to be optimistic about what lies ahead. Here are three issues to consider as 2020 winds down and many hope 2021 offers the fresh start everyone desperately needs. Global trade is rebounding As we noted recently, only

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Making work pay

One of the most fundamental public policy challenges over the past 30-40 years has been the further distancing between the so-called working class and the middle class and what can or should be done by governments in response. The tired socialist response of wealth redistribution, either through government programs or direct monetary transfers, is both counterproductive and ineffectual. So, what is the popular capitalist response to this challenge? First things first – we must acknowledge that there are many definitions of these terms, the key distinction between working and middle class in this column is that the middle class have some degree of capital or equity available to them (often in their home), while the working class does not.

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