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Conrad 'Tigger' Johnson
Conrad 'Tigger' JohnsonResearcher, Canadian Freedom Institute

Conrad “Tigger” Johnson is a policy researcher with the Canadian Freedom Institute. Previously he has served as a political researcher and as an assistant to Canadian political parties and elected officials.

Johnson specializes in policy research and media monitoring, and in previous work has investigated historical election trends while forecasting future patterns in the Canadian electorate.

Johnson has worked in public affairs and government relations, working with Fasken Martineau Law Firm. He was an advisor to Guy Giorno – the former Chief of Staff to Prime Minister Stephen Harper.  At Fasken Martineau he provided news clipping service for lawyers working in telecommunications policy, while assisting in a similar capacity with files on corporate affairs, international trade, and government relations compliance. Johnson helped provide narrative and research analysis on these files while scheduling and attending meetings with clients.

In government, Johsnon worked with the Department of Human Resources and Skills Development in Ottawa researching intergovernmental relations.

Conrad “Tigger” Johnson grew up Meadow Lake, Saskatchewan and currently resides in Regina.

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